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Cavapoos puppies that have new homes.

This little female Cavapoo below is the only Cavapoo that will be ready for Christmas. Holly Babe is a daughter of Holly and Andy. She should be in the 11 to 15 pound size range. Her coat will be wavy to curly. She is a single child and doted on by her mother and 13 year old Cavalier King Charles Mischca. Price is 850.00. For more info about how she or one of the apricot puppies may be yours go to

Click here to see Holly Babe video

And, another video of her

cavapooHollydec22013two.jpg cavapooHollydec22013one.jpgecavapooHollydec22013three.jpg   cavapooHollydec22013four.jpg

These Cavapoo puppies below will be ready to go to new homes around Jan. 11, 2014. They were born to Daisy and Rusty and will be in the 12 to 18 pound size range. They are pictured at 16 days old and their eyes have just opened. They will be apricot and cream. Males are 800.00. Females 850.00. 200.00 deposit to hold. Yes, I do ship as well as deliver or meet families to hand their precious puppy to them My airport, Dayton International is not to far from me and I regularly meet people that want to carry their puppy onboard home with them.   
Update: First female puppy on the left has been sold. 
This little girl has been sold. She will be to young to go home Christmas so her new Mom and Dad will put her picture along with toys and treats under the tree for the girls to be surprised with. I will also devote a special web page for the girls to enjoy. She still has 2 sisters and 2 brothers available and I can make a presentation for your family also. 

Cavapoo puppies below that are sold are the first two females on the pink blanket. Of the other 4 (including Holly Babe) available cavapoos, one will be selected soon and another deposit pending. At this point I don't know who is still awaiting their new families.Two of these babies will be going to different families in California.  It will be hard to get in touch with me today, Dec. 7th. I'm meeting Addison's new momma, who is picking her up at the airport this morning and I may be bringing my father home, who has been in the hospital since last Sunday.  I will check emails


12.jpg boys.jpg

My Cavapoo, a heart beat at my feet.