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For available Cavapoo puppies, please go to the Sundy and Snowball Nursery pages.

Blog is at 

I have started a wonderful interactive site for cavapoo, doodle and all animal lovers. You may show off your pets with its own web page, all free!  Will you join?  Click this link to join and see lots of pictures of our cavapoos from all across the USA

Polly Elmo cavapoo puppies
click picture for movie
Click pic for movie

click to see my great grandpuppies
click pic for video

Cavapoo puppy play. Cavapoos just want to have fun, only 2 little males on this video are still for sale. Click Minnow's  picture to see all the fun.

Daddy Elmo
Daddy Elmo

Click Elmo's picture to see another video of his Cavapoo puppy s at play.


They were born on Dec 30, 2010. Elmo, toy poodle is the daddy.  4 females, 4 males. 7 are black and white spotted or tri color and the brown and white spotted puppy is a female. email me for info  937-479-7292  Will be ready end of Feb and I will be ready to travel to the Florida area, maybe I can make deliveries along  I 75.

Click the picture below to see a comparison.  The pups in the still picture were 4 days old, this picture they are 30 days old.

New video taken Fri. Jan 28, 2011.
Jan 28, 2011
Click Picture for movie taken Jan 28


Cavapoo puppies for sale.  200.00 deposit to hold your choice of puppy. Deposit is applied to full purchase price. Credit card may be used thru paypal.

email   937-479-7292 blog of available cavapoos by clicking this link at

Tiny Cavapoo Buttercup
New video taken Feb 11, 2011
Click for video

Polly's Buttercup
Click Picture for video Feb 20. 2011
click pic for video

SOLD SOLD SOLD  GOING TO FLORIDA New video uploaded Feb 11, 2011
Cavapoo puppy Buttercup (above) will probably only be 6 or 7 pounds 800.00
 email  937-479-7292

Tessa, click pic to see video
I need kids to play with,

SOLD SOLD SOLD SMITH Female Cavapoo puppy Tessa will be in the 10 to 14 pound range. Click Picture to see video 650.00  Diane at 937-479-7292 or email

Polly's pretty little male 4
click to see video

SOLD SOLD SOLD  Pearson family
Male Cavapoo puppy 650.00 ready end of Feb

Cavapoo (SOLD)
click picture for video

Click picture to see video taken 2,20
Hillary M Cavapoo puppy

SOLD  SOLD  SOLD  This cavapoo puppy is sold. Hillary M.

This cavapoo puppy is available
Polly Male number 1
Click picture to see video

Andy AKC Red Poodle

sold sold sold  Cavapoo Puppy Above.This little male cavapoo will be about 16 pounds. Very pretty markings and his coat is waving nicely. 650.00

Male cavapoo puppy available for adoption
Click picture to see video

sold sold sold 
This little fellow is available the end of Feb. 650.00 Click pick to see video

Buster checking out his puppy

Cavapoo puppy

Cavapoo puppy sold

Cavapoo Budgie
Click Budgie to see his picture

Dora The Explorer Click Pic to see Video
Born 12-30 Pic taken Jan 28

Click to see my movie
Emily S Cavapoo puppy

SOLD    SOLD    SOLD     Emily S Cavapoo puppy. This little girl was the first to climb out of her little nest box and the first to find her way back in. 10-12 pound range. and ask about Dora 937-479-7292   650.00  click picture to see video

Male Cavapoo Number 2
Polly Male Click Picture to see video
click picture to see video

Cavapoo male puppy 650.00     Diane at 937-479-7292 or email

She has been sold
Sissy has been sold

Cavapoo Wisdom: Men cannot think like dogs.... [There exists] a sharp difference in the mental capacity of humans and canines. For example, a human who is given an intricate problem will spend all day trying to solve it, but a canine will have the sense to give up and do something else instead. Corey Ford