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Update for March 2015 Kela Baker, an experienced groomer and breeder is taking over my duties of raising premier Cavapoo Bundles Of Love puppies. She is also caring for my little farm and will be making it her own. Text her at or call 937-296-6646. She is younger than me and very energetica. I want to assure you she is up to this difficult and demanding but enjoyable job. Kela lives in Dayton, Ohio. I am pleased she will continue the little legacy that has become Cavapoo Bundles Of Love so families will be able to enjoy our dogs for a time to come. A few more mommas have been bred so we will be expecting some in April and May.

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Update for Jan 2015. 

Update Lan 17, Peri has been sold and is going to Ft Lauderdale. Lissa is available below
Meet today's featured Valentine cavapoo puppy



I kind of think if the author ti this poem had a Cavapoo, he or she would have written it with their's in mind.

A Valentine is nothing like

A chocolate or a rose.
For in a week these shall be gone,
But Valentines remain.
If love were always sweet to tongue
Or fragrant to the nose,
Each day would be like Valentine's,
And we would go insane.

 A Valentine just hangs around

Waiting to be kissed
Long after special days have passed
And every days are here.


I don't know the author of this one 

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JOEYyy.jpgJoey has been sold

Available Cavapoo Puppies

Diane's email


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These beautiful little Cavapoos all have new homes.

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Cavapoo1QuoteScout.JPG scout2sept1.JPG5.jpgcavapoosweetwilliam.jpg

Puppies above are available.  Puppies below have been sold. 


Click here to see Bun Bun's video taken Sat May 10th.

This lucky little girl cavapoo is going to Florida. I'm taking off a day late because Keeta was hurt and had to go to the vets. I'm delivering her to Dalton GA to go on to the Atlanta area. Her kids were so disappointed they didn't get her today. Look for a video of her around 6 tonight (May 10th).cavapoobunbun.jpg

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Sorry both of these boys have been sold One red  cavapoo puppy  born on Feb 5th, 2014 is still available 800.00. Will probably be in the 12 pound range. Newer picture will be added later March 23rd. These 2 are like peas in a pod, available is the one on the right. Ask about Clancy. Ready around April 5th.
 They will be medium sized, full brothers  to Midis, whose video is below. Shipping by plane, picking up your puppy at the airport or my home as well as my personal nanny delivery service are ways we get your baby to you. If you live close, you are welcome to visit with your puppy before it is weaned. If you question if you are buying from a puppy mill, ask yourself if I would open my home for families to make visits. 
Deposit may be made through paypal, offered below Midis' picture or snail mail. Email me if you are interested in this cavapoo.
 I have noticed the past year, families are getting a second puppy from me since their first Cavapoos are now getting older. I aways offer price adjustments for second Cavapoos as well as friends and family.

This is an informational video about neutered male dogs and why they are just fine. Midis and family helped us out.


A 200.00 deposit will be applied to the full purchase of your Cavapoo puppy. The remainder is due at 6 weeks.

“No matter how close we are to another person, few human relationships are as free from strife, disagreement, and frustration as is the relationship you have with a good dog. Few human beings give of themselves to another as a dog gives of itself. I also suspect that we cherish dogs because their unblemished souls make us wish - consciously or unconsciously - that we were as innocent as they are, and make us yearn for a place where innocence is universal and where the meanness, the betrayals, and the cruelties of this world are unknown.” 

― Dean KoontzA Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog                                               

thechristmasgift.jpg         This little girl has been sold. She will be to young to go home Christmas so her new Mom and Dad will put her picture along with toys and treats under the tree for the girls to be surprised with. I will also devote a special web page for the girls to enjoy.


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This pretty little boy Cavapoo below

in the flowers belongs to Diana



Someone is going to be surprised today

when she sees this picture of her Cavapoo puppy.erica.jpg   

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

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Lucky5.jpg Lucky Cavapoo puppies now on the available Cavapoo puppy page for August.




Click this link to see the video we made of Cavapoo Midis. So many people worry that a male dog won't be a good dog or they have never had a male dog.

Click this link to see the new video of available Cavapoo puppies in Roberts lap. More info coming later this evening (july 29th)

salsafamily2.jpgCavapoo video, these have been sold 

Diane 937-479-7292  

This is an old picture of Scruffy. Scruffy was sold when he was a puppy and his momma regularly keeps me updated. I will put some new pics of Scruffy up shortly.


This is Mischa, she is a 13 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. No, of course the cavapoo puppies are not hers. She just loves puppies and takes care of them for their momma's. She has never had any of her own. Mischa lives at The Door Of Hope Farm with Pat and family. We have been best friends for over 20 years now.

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Puppies are nature's remedy for feeling unloved, plus numerous other ailments of life.  Quote by Richard Allan Palm

  Would you like to see a puppy facetime or skype? Email me and let me know and we will make arrangements.


Mandy's Cavapoo puppies (SOLD)



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Mandy and Rusty Male pups

SOLD Click this picture to see the video of Mandy's Cavapoo puppies.   

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Click pic to see his video
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Cavapoo puppy Scout is in his new home with his own 8 year old boy to play with.

Click my Picture to see me play
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SOLD Cavapoo          937-479-7292 



 Cavapoo puppy sold 937-479-7292

Introducing little Ebony Persian Cavapoos from Cavapoo Bundles Of Love.  Diane at 937-479-7292.

Click pic for video
Sold, Priceless Cavapoo Puppy

 I have the most wonderful people that get my puppies. I have received so many prayers and well wishes, to say the least. I am pretty much well, am starting to handle all that needs done myself now.    937-479-7292

I host a wonderful interactive site for cavapoo, doodle and all animal lovers. You may show off your pets with its own web page, all free! Will you join? Lots of pictures of adult cavapoos, red, our own Cavapoo Bundles of Love Pandas, black black and tan, a rainbow of cavapoos!

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New Cavapoo puppies born Feb. 6th, 2012. Please click this link Holly and Andy Cavapoo puppies for info.


UGoDog Indoor Dog Potty

I wish I had this for the year and a half I had to carry Isiah out to potty because he wasn't able to use the stairs. This is perfect for the medically challenged dog. I don't have any dogs now with special problems but a friend just ordered one off this link for her diabetic Schnauzer.  I will let you know how it works. Think about a UGO dog. My Cavapoo, poodle and Cavalier dogs love theirs and so do I. I don't have to feel guilty if I need to be out longer than anticipated. If you click the info icon, you will go to their web site. If you decide to buy one, please go thru my site and it will help me out. You don't need to contact me, just by clicking the ugodog icon off of my site will credit it for me.

Click pic to see video
Isiah's great great great grandpuppies


Click pic to see video

   Presenting Cavapoo Bundles Of Love Panda Cavapoo puppies

Original Panda Cavapoos. All sold.

I have had many requests for a paypal button on my site so I have entered a direct paypal button. By clicking and completing the transaction you may make your 200.00 deposit. Please contact me before clicking button so we can discuss your family needs and the right puppy for you.


Born 9/03-11 Picture taken 10/07/11
Available Cavapoo Puppy

Why choose your Cavapoo puppy from me? I have been raising Cavapoos since 2003. I offer after sale support and where else can you see extended families? I have been raising them so long that I 'scored' on the domain name I could have had and several others but I didn't know how important domains were and at the time, could barely turn on a computer!
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  Please email me at  

New video of me!! Click picture

Rusty and Dad, Andy
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Red cavapoo puppy Rusty.

Venus puppy Pixie
click pic for new video
Very small toy cavapoo

The above Panda Cavapoo puppy is one of Venus and Busters Cavapoo females. Sold and in a new home.

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Isiah's Story

Rest In Peace Isiah Jan 5,1999 to Oct 2011 You gave so much love.

My husband wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I don't remember why or where he had heard of Cavaliers, I do know I didn't want a small dog, I liked big dogs. I remember buying a Dog World magazine. This was in 1999 before the internet was used much. I don't think we even had a computer at the time. I called every Cavalier breeder in Dog World magazine. I finally found the right puppy in North Carolina for him. We sent a $1400.00 certified check for a tri-color male puppy sight unseen. At the time of Isiah's arrival by plane, we left the kids home with my Mother. My husband was so excited. I remember thinking, great, a small dog, whats wrong with my husband?

It seemed at the time that we sat on the cold hard plastic chairs at air cargo for a long time. Finally an agent came thru the double doors carrying a small dog carrier in one hand and a teeny tiny black and white spotted puppy with the biggest most precious eyes I had ever seen and I was instantly in love. The air cargo agent was laughing. One of the pilots had carried puppy Isiah off the plane with him. It turned out Isiah didn't ride in the cargo area. The pilot thought he was to small so he asked if anyone minded if he rode in first class. We were told he was happily passed around and first class passengers took care of him.

12 years later

Yesterday was a sunny beautiful day. A perfect April day to let an old dog take his time smelling all of the wonderful scents the trail has to offer. He loves to take walks in the woods across the street. Of late I have taken to carrying him across the street most of the time so he doesn't get to tired just getting to the park. Once we get to the park I put him down and he delights in running a few steps before he gets down to the business of sniffing everything. Isiah is getting more lame day by day. He has always been very happy and with constantly waggling tail. Several years ago my ex accidentally ran over him with our Kubota tractor and Isiah has had problems with his back. I give him pain medine and it helps a lot.

At one time Isiah was the apple of my ex's eye. He went on jobs with him, he sat on his lap and was adored. The chapters of our married life changed, we divorced and eventually Isiah came to live with me when my ex became bored with him as well.

I have been taking lots of pictures and videos lately of Isiah. I know the time is growing closer to making the big decision about "putting him to sleep". Life is seldom so simple that the aged dog or cat or horse or any pet simply passes away in his or her sleep and takes the process out of one's hands. This is the price we pay to love and be loved by an animal.

Do you think maybe God has so many souls waiting to be loved that our pets relatively short lifespan will give us more time to love and experience other lives? I don't have any answers as to why lives are taken away from us but I do know that my life is so much richer. I have never wanted to be without a dog and have had several over the years so eventual death comes as no surprise. Of course it hurts to contemplate a decision of when to end a life that has brought so much happiness that is difficult to even express or verbalize the words "put to sleep".

I pray I will do right by Isiah when he is no longer happy and with wagging tail. Actually I know I will do right. But until that day comes, I will continue to carry him across the street when the sun shines and let him down on the trail to enjoy the warmth and what the mysterious smells of the earth tell him.

Diane Bentley



Six months after I wrote the passage above Oct 2011
I took this picture of Isiah the day came that I had to make a decision to take him to the vet for a last time. It was a beautiful Oct. Indian Summer day and I carried him down the trails he loved to run on. It was a good day.

Blog is at 

I have started a wonderful interactive site for cavapoo, doodle and all animal lovers. You may show off your pets with its own web page, all free!  Will you join?  Click this link to join and see lots of pictures of our cavapoos from all across the USA

Female Panda Cavapoo Puppies for sale.

Salsa Cavapoos
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Isiahs Dec 30 2010 Cavapoo Puppies
Cavapoo movie, click picture

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Panda Cavapoo Puppy

Blog is at  I have started a wonderful interactive site for cavapoo, doodle and all animal lovers. You may show off your pets with its own web page, all free!  Will you join?  Click this link to join and see lots of pictures of our cavapoos from all across the USA

Red Cavapoo puppies have all been sold on the Salsa Nursery page  937-479-7292 

Polly's Cavapoos

Cavapoo Puppies available.

Female Cavapoo puppies

Click our picture for our video
Polly Cavapoos Jan 7, 2011 Females
Credit Cards accepted
Mommy says I'm cute as a bug in a rug!
Dora The Explorer
Click pic to see new video Feb 28, 2011

Cavapoo puppy

Male Cavapoo puppy Available Dec 23, 2010
Polly Male Feb 11,2011 6 wks old
click my pic to see my new video

CAVAPOO PUPPIES  AVAILABLE.  937-479-7292     
Blog is at  I have started a wonderful interactive site for cavapoo, doodle and all animal lovers. You may show off your pets with its own web page, all free!  Will you join?  Click this link


Zorro's cavapoo puppies have been sold click the picture if you want to see more cute cavapoo movies.

Zorro and her Cavapoo puppies
Click Zorro's picture to see her movie

Click this picture to see "God & Dog" video
God & Dog video, click pic
Grandpa Isiah and cavapoo puppy

Cavapoo Love:The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them. Stanley Coren, dog psychologist

Cavapoos Rule!

Cavapoo Bundles Of Love, located in Dayton Ohio has been raising happy, loving Cavapoos for 8 years. We are one of the first Cavapoo breeders in America. Visiting is encouraged, playing with your puppy before it is weaned is welcomed. Please make an appointment though.


Just received this email from Mox's owner:
Hi Diane! 
I check in on the website and new pups from time to time-- I can't believe Mox has the front page spot! I love that picture of him in his doggles :) Just wanted to report he (and sister Kenzi) are doing great. They are the love of the family! Mox stays between 28-30 pounds-- a great size! He is still a show stopper-- everywhere I go people want to know what kind of dog he is. 
Just wanted to let you know all is well and Mox is doing fabulous! (As I am trying to type this he is using BOTH paws and his nose to get my hand away to pet him-- always an attention hog! but i love it! and spoil him rotten) 
Take care! 
Erin & Mox 

Welcome to Cavapoo Bundles Of Love. We are your world wide source for cavapoo information. Cavapoos are sometimes called Cavadoodles or Cavoodles. We think they are absolutely the best of both worlds. We have raised first generation Cavapoos from happy healthy Cavalier King Charles and Poodle parents for 8 years. Located in Dayton Ohio. Families are always invited to visit with their puppies while awaiting weaning. We can also ship your puppy and even supply nanny service.

For prices and policies please go to the menu on the left and click FAQs/Policy page

Want to see updates and movies of cavapoo puppies? Please click highlighted link to go to our blog. On it you will see cavapoo pictures and info about puppies for sale as well as updates of puppies that will being going to their new homes.   You will also find links to potty traing, crate training, health alerts and so much more. 

I host a wonderful interactive site for cavapoo, doodle and all animal lovers. You may show off your pets with its own web page, all free!  Will you join?  Click this link

Cavapoo Bundles Of Love Dayton, Ohio 937-479-7292



Sadie Cavapoo and Big sister Chi
You have the attention span of a goldfish! The bone will soon be mine!


Cavapoo puppy and big sister



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel therapy dog, Cookie taking a ride at Maria Josephs nursing home. The retired nun giving her the wheelchair ride gives her stuffed animals rides in the wheelchair. She took Cookie to her room to show her the stuffed animals and told her each ones name.



Another beautiful Cavapoo from Cavapoo Bundles Of Love. She has her own home.