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Update for September 2015 
All of our puppies have sold.  We will post information on Kela's website when we have puppies available.
Kela Baker, an experienced groomer and breeder is taking over my duties of raising premier Cavapoo Bundles Of Love puppies. She is also caring for my little farm and will be making it her own. Text or call Kela at 937-296-6646. Kela prefers to be contacted via text.  She is younger than me and very energetic. I want to assure you she is up to this difficult and demanding but enjoyable job. Kela lives in Dayton, Ohio.  I am pleased she will continue the little legacy that has become Cavapoo Bundles Of Love so families will be able to enjoy our dogs for a time to come.  

To see the most current and up to date information please visit Kela's website.

Kela's Website

A 200.00 deposit will be applied to the full purchase of your Cavapoo puppy. The remainder is due at 6 weeks.

I have had many requests for a paypal button on my site so I have entered a direct paypal button. By clicking the paypal button below and completing the transaction you may make your 200.00 deposit. Please contact me before clicking button so we can discuss your family needs and the right puppy for you.

We are so very busy taking care of our wonderful dogs, our farm, and our grooming business.  We will post information on Kela's website when we have puppies available.


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